Sunday School

Find A Sunday School Class That Works For You!



Bring your baby/toddler to this class while you join another class. (Because while you LOVE spending time with your little one, you KNOW you miss adult conversation!) The teachers will love your children and even work in some lessons about the Bible as they play! The nursery is the first door on the left as you enter the church building from the archway.


This class is designed for 3 year olds to Kindergarteners. There are a variety of activities planned each Sunday from art projects, coloring pages, short videos or games to get your child up and moving. The classroom is located across from the bathrooms in the back hallway of the church building.


This class learns to find scriptures in their own Bibles and how God’s Word has an impact on their own lives. They meet in the classroom in the fellowship building.


This class uses various 6-8 week Bible Studies. Fun and games are always present in this student ministry, but never get in the way of relaying the Good News of the Gospel and what it means individually for each student. The Youth Room is located in the basement of the fellowship building.

CO-ED #1/Median Adults:

Married couples or singles are invited to join this class. This class meets in the carpeted classroom upstairs in the church building.

CO-ED #3:

They meet in the classroom around the corner from the Pastor’s Study.


Find the first classroom on the right as you enter the church building from the cemetery side entrance and you’ll be in one of the Senior Adult “Ladies Only” classes!


Located across from the nursery, it is also for Senior Adult Ladies. They use the curriculum series, “Bible Studies for Life.”

MEN #1:

This class meets in the library out in the fellowship building and welcomes men of all ages.


This class meets upstairs in the room closest to the fellowship hall side. Anyone is welcome to join this class. As a discovery class, the class members vote on the next study. Studies are usually 6-10 weeks and led by John and Donna Green.